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JLC’s HVAC Maintenance Contract

JLC-2/ November 13, 2019/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Construction, Heating, Photos, Specials, Tips

Our maintenance contract is an amazing savings that we offer our current customers and new customers for 1 affordable low price. Maintenance Contract includes: Two (2) Service Calls per Year  (Starting maintenance before or during Spring/Summer or starting Maintenance before or during Fall/Winter) Upon Each Service Call we have a Technician Clean and Inspect system, Oil Motors, Checking Freon levels,

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HVAC Commercial Roofpack

JLC-2/ November 8, 2019/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Construction, Heating, Photos, Product Info

We install Commercial units as well as residential. Here is a Commercial Roofpack unit we installed and maintenance. We are here to help your unit last as long as it can, providing our customers with an amazing Maintenance contract that allows us to clean filters and check your units performance. Wouldn’t you like to know something wasn’t preforming optimally then

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UV Light Install in HVAC

JLC-2/ November 6, 2019/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Heating, News, Photos, Product Info, Specials

UV lighting works to prevent microbial buildup on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces. UV light technology for air conditioners has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce fungal contamination inside of air handler units and reduce airborne pathogens. JLC Air can get you an estimate to install a UV light into your unit, as well as maintain and replace the bulbs as

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Duct Cleaning

JLC-2/ October 31, 2019/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Heating, Specials

Are you wondering how much it would cost to get your ducts cleaned? Call us today for a free estimate. Our Technicians will come out and see what all is needed to get your ducts nice and clean.

Back Up Generator Install

JLC-2/ October 28, 2019/ Blog, Construction, Photos, Specials

With all these power outages we are having, you may have the need or want for a back up generator. If you are thinking about having one installed give us a call and we can schedule a free estimate. It would be nice to have the piece of mind knowing that you have power when edison decides you don’t need

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