Change or Clean your Filters

Laura/ May 2, 2022/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Health & Wellness, News, Photos, Specials, Tips

It’s starting to get warmer here is the Antelope Valley, and that day is soon approaching where the thermostat is turned on to cool. Be proactive in your home maintenance and get those filters changed. Call us today to have a spring maintenance on your home a/c unit, which includes us replacing your single use disposable filter with a reusable washable

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Dirty Filter!

JLC/ July 12, 2020/ Air Conditioning, Blog, Health & Wellness, Heating, Product Info

Don’t let this happen to you, Please change those filters, not only does this cause your unit to struggle to cool or heat, it can cause it to stop working all together. Not to mention the health concern with this. We are more aware these days of the condition of the air we breathe. Call us today for an appointment

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